b00t – Seikkailut Sekalaisia seikkailuja ja muuta puuhastelua


b00tissa urheilevat perustajajäsenet LarZ ja Petteri sekä myöhemmin mukaan tulleet Jani, Teemu ja Lauri A. Ajoittain joukossa vierailee myös tukiurheilijoita. Lajien kirjo on moninainen: suunnistus, maastopyöräily, maantiepyöräily, kestävyysjuoksu, seikkailu-urheilu ja umpihankihiihto.

b00tin juuret löytyvät syvältä bittiavaruudesta ja vanhoja saavutuksia pääsee tiirailemaan clanbasesta. Ei pääse enää sillä cb on painunut manan majoille... Saavutukset liittyvät vahvasti Counter-Strikeen ja sen 1.6-versioon.

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  1. Hi LarZ, Petteri and Jani,

    My name is Irina Pravet and I’m contacting you on behalf of a Tampere-based start-up called TeamUp.

    Our company is soon launching a social media community for athletes (groups/teams, etc.), artists and musicians to create profiles (integrating their other social media channels), present themselves to fans and potential sponsors, set goals and sell items, all for free.

    This growing community of talents attracts fans and supporters. Businesses can then support or sponsor these talents in a community where they gain visibility and recognition for their support, in addition to marketing opportunities. Our concept is unlike anything else currently available and has been backed by the Finnish Olympic Committee, notable Finnish figures like Anssi Kela, and varied companies such as Microsoft, Nokia, Veikkaus, Olvi, NCC, among others.

    Over the past few months, I’ve been in contact with John Greene, from Footbalance and that’s how I heard about you guys. I wanted to reach out to you and invite you to join the TeamUp community. You can see more at our website: http://info.teamup.fi or contact me in case of questions. If you’d like to make an account, just email me and I’ll send you a sign up key (as we’re still in closed beta right now but many talents are already preparing their profiles).

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,


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