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Video on last year’s Stockholm Extreme

By Jani

Please find a video on last year's Stockholm Extreme (2012). Watching the race highlights strongly cements the feeling that this is what we want to do. While Stockholm Extreme is on a break this year the organizers will do their best to make it happen next year. In the meantime, team b00t will at least compete in Rokua Geopark Challenge. See you there.



Stockholm Extreme 2012 – Great Experience We’d Say

By Jani

In mid Aug b00t attended Stockholm Extreme, a 24-hour race held in the city of Stockholm and around its beautiful archipelago. After a long 24 hours the team crossed the finish line in 16th place. This is what the team members (L = LarZ; J = Jani; Pe = Petteri; Pa = Pasi) think of the race after having slept on it for a few weeks.

1. Why did you decide to take part in the race in the first place?

(L) To experience first longer race.

(J) SE was one of the few nearby 24-hour races that did not include inline skating. I am not keen on skating or have my own pair of inline skates. As the sport is constantly growing in popularity within 24-hour adventures I assume I have to buy a pair next year.

(Pe) Stockholm Extreme is easy to reach from South West Finland where I live. But what actually counted was that I had the chance to buy low-priced beer sold on the Finnish-Swedish ferries.

(Pa) I was "forced" by one member of the team. Thanks to Pete!

2. How did you prepare for the race?

(J) Unfortunately, the pre-season did not go as planned, with me just being too busy doing other things or having caught the snuffles which kept me from training and racing properly. However, with a hard program I managed to get in tip-top shape right before the race. In terms of having the required equipment I had to buy so many new sport gears that I almost went nuts. 🙂

3. What was your favorite part/moment of the race?

(J) Kayaking at sunset was a top-notch experience, with only a slight breeze brushing over the serene Stockholm archipelago. Orienteering in the sea was just perfect.

(Pe) It was the first time I had the opportunity to paddle with a kayak, do the cave swim and rappel down the 80 meter high building, all nicely wrapped up in one race and one race only. I would not have missed it for the world.

(Pa) Finnish line! Well, during the evening and night time it was so quiet and sea was so calm. Only a bit fogg over the sea but the moon helped navigating. Cycling and paddling during the night time was very nice. Almost dry conditions.

4. What was the most challenging/painful, yet rewarding experience of the race?

(L) Feeling the cold after paddling stages. It was freezing!

(J) Swimming in the dark cave in the third stage was comparable to "once in a life time experiences". I guarantee you I definitely would not go there in any other circumstances. I mean, the water was freezing cold and we were already shivering from the clothes that got wet while kayaking. Yet I would not have wanted to miss this experience. But doing it once is enough.

(Pe) Swimming made me the most nervous before the race but in the end I had no problem with that at all in any of the stages.

5. What was it in the race that made you feel strong?

(J) Swimming in the cave made me excel myself. I just had to believe that while I was shivering I would still get warm again as long as I just kept on going. Night time orienteering was also an ultimate experience as it perfectly added to the challenge we faced after the cave swim.

(Pe) The trekking (night orienteering) between the kayaking stages. Although it was night and everything, I mean I was cold and could not see much because it was completely dark, I pushed to the limits and it just felt great.

6. What was it in the race that made you feel discouraged?

(J) The trekking stage before the break. My legs were stiff and I was close to fall asleep so I did not feel like running. Given we all remembered how cold the water was in the cave the worst thing was that at the end of the stage we had to swim a few hundred meters onshore on another island. Amazingly, the water felt warm yet refreshing. That swim gave me a lot of energy which I needed as we did not have the time to sleep in the transition area – not even to have a short nap.

(L) Couple of big route choice mistakes in mtb...

(Pe) They no longer sell low-priced beer on the Finnish-Swedish ferries, them greedy phonies.

(Pa) Technical cycling path at the end of the race in addition to no good sleep over previous nights. I wasn´t "cool and collecting" enough resulting broken rear derailleur. I was ready to give up at that point. This caused minutes of loss for the team's result. After arriving back to main streets of Stockholm I started to feel much better. Swimming in the cave was not so nice...but after all...well not so nice anyway.

7. What was it in the race that made you feel satisfied?

(J) I am pretty satisfied with the fact that I made it all the way to cross the finish line. I have now proven myself that I have what it takes to enter a 24-hour race and next time it is not just to get through the race, it will also be about competing against other teams, you know what I mean.

(Pe) I go with the last one and say that despite everything we had to go through we survived to the finish line.

(Pa) Wery well organized happening over all! Personally managed to go through the race without any dehydration, bad cramps or bad chafes (thanks to tape, Compeed stick and waseline...and Magnesium). It was first time to use rope to hang in the air; and 80m high; wow, nice! -> So I found I'm not afraid of heights ;). It was also first time to use kayak...I was a bit afraid of getting swiming, but managed to stay on board and finally could do some real work too.

8. What was that thing which makes Stockholm Extreme different from other races?

(J) Although I am not a long-time adventure racer I do not have a choice but to answer coastaleering. Typically coastaleering is about swimming and running close to the shore, now it was about swimming on an air mattress in the sea and trying to get onshore on one island, then next, and so it went on until we got to the transition area. And while on these islands we always had to climb to the highest top point which was not easy at all since there were no clear paths. Remember that we had to carry the air mattresses all along.

(Pa) Competitions I mostly do are like Biathlon, orienteering, RinkBandy...) and lasts mostly less than hour. This was over all first time for me to participiate any kind of Extreme competition. So this was totally something new and different.

9. Are you coming back next year?

(J) The race was well organized, thanks to Ulf and co. I will come back as long as I have the opportunity to do so. Thank you Stockholm Extreme.

(Pe) Sure if there is nothing compelling on my schedule.

b00t would like to take the opportunity to thank team Axa-adidas for these questions. We borrowed them without asking permission, hope you do not mind! See how Axa-adidas answered the questions here.


Mitä mukaan 24h-seikkailukisaan?

By Jani

Tämän vuoden (2012) elokuussa kisailtu Stockholm Extreme oli minulle toinen 24 tunnin seikkailu. Ensimmäinen oli AC 2010.

Seikkailukisaan varustautuminen herätti ankaraa pohdintaa siitä, mitä kaikkea pitää ottaa mukaan. Lähdin ratkomaan pulmaa siten, että järjestin varusteet lajeittain, joita kisassa oli viisi: juoksua, pyöräilyä, coastaleeringia, laskeutumista ja melontaa. Päälle listasin varusteet joita tulin kantamaan mukanani ja mitä kaipasin huoltopisteillä ja ennen kisaa (sama kuin huolto). Vaikka osa varusteista (esim. ajohanskat) on tarpeen useammassa lajissa, on nämä merkitty vain yhteen paikkaan turhan toiston välttämiseksi.

Stockholm Extremen varustelista

Pyöräily Juoksu Melonta Coasta-
Kiipeily Mukana Huolto
Pyörä Akku x 2 +
liivit ja
Kiipeilyvaljaat  Juoma-
reppu +
+ luha
kypärä +
Kuoritakki Uinti-
Lukkolenkki Kangas-
teippiä +
& juoma-
housut &
tossut &
- sukat x3
yläosa x 2
pakkaus &
Sipsejä +
karkkia +
Varakumi +
Lyhyet ja
Ajohanskat Magnesiumia
& glukoosi-
pussi +
rauta +
x 2
Sakset &
Etu- ja